This is a dream.  Can you imagine?  I may have to just get this thing simply because of the cool (see what I did there) factor.

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It's LG and they have come out with an ice cream maker that is much like a Keurig coffee maker.  It kicks out soft serve ice cream.  And you can have this in your house!  Ice cream all of the time!  And it's soft serve.  Obviously you can have ice cream all the time by just buying some at the grocery store, but this is soft serve.  Like you would get at the DQ or something along those lines.

As for ‘SnowWhite,’ it’s practically LG’s Keurig for ice cream. First introduced at SXSW 2019 last year, ‘SnowWhite’ is an instant soft-serve machine that works using a touch-screen and a system of pods, much like a Keurig coffee machine. That means that in a matter of moments, you will have delicious ice cream at home without having to leave your house.

It came out LAST YEAR??? How did I not know about this wonderful invention?  Well, it was in the research stages last year... but YAY- ice cream (and cookies) is like my favorite go-to dessert type thing.  How does this thing actually work?  Like is there a lot of work going into actually getting the ice cream to come out of this machine successfully?

The machine requires two pods: a flavor pod (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, etc), and a base pod that specifies whether you want ice cream, gelato, custard and much more. That’s right.

LG isn’t just stopping at ice cream, they’ve made sure they’ve covered all of their bases. Once you’ve inserted both pods, the machine will scan, mix and freeze the ingredients, dispensing fresh, delicious ice cream in a matter of minutes.

I'm IN!!

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