More lane closures in the works this week.  The latest is on Highway 10 between Clear Lake and Big Lake.

It's just a foregone conclusion that if you are traveling this time of year, you are bound to run into the dreaded road construction.

Unfortunately, it's just a necessary evil. Due to our lovely variation in climate, roads take a pretty good beating from that Minnesota weather where the temperature can vary a 125 degrees. This can bust up the roads pretty good.

It really kind of sucks that the one time of year we can cut loose and drive without worrying about bad weather, you are slowed down by the pesky orange cones and/or barrels. Snow, sleet and ice always sucks to drive in but at least you don't see much orange barriers in the Winter.

Just to make it more fun, maybe just grin and bear the slowdowns. Orange cones beat potholes every time.

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