Johnny Johnny Johnny.  He was out last week... headed to Texas... and all of everything that went along with that.  So, that's why he wasn't here last week. He was "enjoying" Texas.  Worst trip EVER!  Fly somewhere to just sit around and do what you could have been doing here without all of the extra cost of "getting" there.


But this week he was back.  And he had 2 jokes in tow once again.  This time both of them were pretty bad.  The last couple of weeks that he's brought in his two jokes at least one of them is fairly decent.  I say that in regards to the fact that most of the time his jokes are mediocre at best to just flat out bad at worst.

So, here we are again... he even had 2 weeks to prepare.  I mean, what else did he have to do in Texas?  Isn't like there was anything to see, do, eat or enjoy, right?  Work on your craft, dude!

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This is what we were given this week.  The first joke is a "Little Johnny" joke.  Little Johnny just being Little Johnny.  The second joke was about a breast feeding mother.  That doesn't sound like a joke until you hear the joke, then it's just in bad taste.. pun kind of intended.

It went a little like this:

So, there you have it.  Today's offerings from the one and only Johnny U, aspiring comedian extraordinaire.  And I say that very loosely.

Anyway, tune in again next week for some jokes that are probably as lame as these were, or maybe worse.

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