Man, I know that every week we say that Johnny U's jokes are horrible.  In all honesty, sometimes they really aren't that bad.  BUT this week.  Good Grief!  These two jokes are so bad.  I mean, not even a peep or the slightest little chuckle from the first one.  I mean, I actually think that might have been the worst joke ever.  If you can even call it a joke.  I mean, come on!  4th graders tell better jokes than this one.  And that's what people call stupid humor- 4th grade humor.  And in this case, that might be a step up.

.See??!!  The second one wasn't quite as bad.  But Johnny Johnny Johnny... you need to find a new source, I think.  Actually, his source might be right out of his head.. .I'm not sure, but whatever...

Until next week... happy laughter.

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