John, John, John... he tries. Or, does he?  I mean, how can these jokes continue  to be this bad?  I mean, that might actually be a talent right there to have jokes that are continuously horrible.  Right?  Maybe I'm selling him short by saying that he doesn't have a future in joke telling... a comedian.  Maybe that is his secret... he doesn't want to be good. It's like bad joke telling on steroids!

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw
PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw


Here is this week's contribution:


See what I mean?  Like you didn't see that second joke punchline coming a mile away, right?  And the first one... I was expecting there to be more to the joke.  I mean... that was it?  Ok.

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It's got to be the thing... he's like an evil genius!  LOL!   Maybe not.

Anyway, Johnny U will be back again next week, probably, with another set of jokes.  I'm guessing that pretty soon the golf jokes will be back.  Since it's that time of year, and that is actually an activity that is considered acceptable during this time of "social distance".  So, look for that next Friday.

Until then, have a good fishing opener, and make sure you call your mom this Sunday!

Stay healthy!

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