It's the day after St. Patrick's Day.  But Johnny U came into the studio with his Irish themed jokes again, just like last week.  He did warn us that this would happen. So I wasn't actually surprised. But when it's AFTER the fact, it does seem just a little bit displaced.  Also, this is a Thursday, not a Friday, so we get this... this... umm stuff a day early.

Johnny Uma

There were three jokes this time. The first one was basically a one liner.  The other two were just an Irish theme.  Maybe he should stick to theme work. It does seem to work a bit better than his usual garbage.  He will not be here for his normal "Lame Joke Friday" he is going to be out doing some good deeds.  He will be at "Pack the Porch".  So, that is actually a good thing for the community. Food drives are very necessary. Especially right now.  So many people are in need of some food to feed their families. Maybe this will get him some extra points and make up for some of the crud that he has been giving us on normal "Lame Joke Fridays".  I'm just kidding.. or am I?  You can be the judge of that one.

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But without any more wasting of time... here is what he gave us this morning.  Lame Joke THURSDAY:

Alright, I will admit, some of that was mildly funny. But I do like our peanut gallery who always let him know that he's not good at this.. or maybe just not that great at it?  Either way, our peanut gallery will keep him humble.

Until next week, when we will be back with Lame Joke Friday, find some jokes and send them to him.  He needs some help.  Maybe your joke will be used on the air!  You could win a t-shirt!

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