It's a holiday... sort of.  And Johnny U stopped in because he thought we would all like to hear some jokes for Halloween.  Are they any better than the lame joke Friday ones?  Well, not really.  Just different.  See and listen for yourself:

Well, so you see they and I do mean THEY were not any better than the Friday ones.  But at least they had a theme.  There is that.  I think he knew they weren't going to be any good as he started to do almost a rapid fire type joke telling.  Maybe he was going for quantity instead of quality.  Has to be the only reason.  AND did you notice that it seemed like he was trying to get as many in as possible before Baxter decided to turn his mic off?

Ok, I might be just kidding a little bit about that last part... but still, that was a lot of jokes in a very short period of time.

More for Friday!

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