It's Friday, and that means another round of Lame Joke Friday with Johnny U.  Again, he comes in and says that he's got some  "really good ones".  Just so you know, he says that every week.

Johnny 11-20

This week after much consideration (I imagine) he says that he has some COVID pick-up  lines.  Although it might be quite fitting for the time, they're still awful. He said   he left out the really risque' ones.  Maybe he should have left those in there.  Might have been a bit more humorous.   Maybe.   At least  they would have been a lot more colorful.

This is  what he had for offerings this week:

Johnny.... these might be worse that the pick up lines that are  famously bad.  Like "do you have a mirror in your pocket? Because  I can see myself in your pants".  Bad, right? Or this  one... "did  it hurt?... when you fell from Heaven". See?   Those lines are so cheesy.  But the COVID ones he had were equally as bad.  In fact, they might have been worse.

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The second joke  he had  was a Thanksgiving joke.  Well, that one is fitting too. Thanksgiving is looking a  bit different this year, unfortunately.  Let's just hope that after the beginning of the year we can head toward some sort of normalcy again.  This year has been terrible. Everyone knows it.  So, with that said, maybe use some of Johnny's horrible COVID pick up lines.    Maybe they will work for you.  Won't  hurt to try. Might even get a  courtesy chuckle out of someone.

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