There ya go, folks, an celebrity endorsement for the Boundry Waters Canoe Area right here in our own Minnesota.  I don't usually think about celebrities going canoeing... or even more than that, canoeing in Minnesota.


But apparently it has happened, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus has been there and loved it.

This is something that we all know.  And now, hopefully other people will also be able to take notice of this beautiful area.  We were just talking last night about how cool the area is, and that we would love to take a trip up this this Summer and canoe and camp.  It would be fun.  Get back to nature and rough it for awhile.  Just unplug for a few days.  Does a body good, as they say.

Want to plan a trip to the BWCA?  Here is some more info.  See ya there!

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