I ran across this video and it is seriously the cutest thing I've seen in a bit.  Rolly polly little thing.

Via youtube.com
Via youtube.com

We all have so much stress going on right now, that when you see something like this, it seems to all be ok.  This is the cutest little baby panda.  He just wants some love.  He won't leave the Zoo Keeper's leg alone... like he keeps grabbing it like a little kid.  The keeper just picks him up and sets his somewhere else and goes about his work.  The panda doesn't give up.  It's so cute.

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Check it out.

If they would stay that size, and this cute, and could be tamed, I would have one of these cuties in a second.

Seriously... can we breed one like this?  Is it possible?  It's almost as good as those cute little Pomski dogs.


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