Minnesota based Target stores have issued a recall of almost 500,000 infant swimsuits and rompers.  They apparently could cause a choking and/or laceration hazard.

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Every time I walk through Target I see all of the kids and infant clothing and think these are so cute.  And then also remind myself that most of these clothes last on these kids for about a day... that might be  a slight exaggeration, but it does seem like that.  And now. some of those cute little outfits could be hazardous to your infant.

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The swimwear and rompers in question are a Target brands called Cat and Jack and also Cloud Island.  Both are just children's brands within Target stores.  There are a lot of these little outfits too.  The Cat and Jack brand has 181,000 one piece Rashguard swimsuits.  And the Cloud Island have 299,000 infant rompers that have been recalled.

Waterfront Baby Boutique Romper, Cloud Island Little Peanut and True Navy Rompers, Cloud Island Little Wildflower and Joyful Mint Rompers, Cloud Island Oh Honeybee and Pink Rompers, and Cloud Island Floral Fields and Mint Rompers. 

The clothing was sold from July of 2019 through October of 2020.  So, if you do happen to have one or more of these items, what are you supposed to do?  First, return the item to Target for a full refund.  If you did happen to purchase it online, you can contact Target.com and request a return.  They will send you a label for you to return the item.  You can always call Target and request some more information on the recall at 1-800-440-0680 from 7am-8pm CST.

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