Summer Shandy.  That is the one that everyone waits for each Spring/Summer from Leinenkugels. Unfortunately it is only available for a few months each year.  But with it's light lemony flavor, it's something that people have looked forward to since 2007.

Beer Nirvana

But in the last few years, hard seltzers have taken over that industry.  It's light in calories and carbs.  It's been the choice of people who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, but still enjoy a drink.  And those are around all year.  Now, Leinie's is getting into that game too... sort of.  Introducing the Leinie's Spritzen (German for splash).

This beer is a mix of beer and seltzer.  And will come in a variety of flavors.  And guess what... it's going to be available ALL YEAR long!  That's huge!  Not only will it be a tasty choice, but it's only 93 calories compared to the 130 that Summer Shandy is for a 12oz serving.

When will this delicious choice be available?  The Spritzen will roll out this March.  And I for one will be there to try some right away.

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