This is hilarious.  I think that anyone who watched the game on Monday night knows about the horrible officiating that was happening.  It really did seem like the refs were doing anything possible to help the Packers to a win.  Some anonymous Lions fans pooled their money and bought a billboard with a ref on it sportin' the ol' cheesehead.  Fitting.   See the billboard here.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Being that the Vikings were not playing that game, it's not that big of a deal to us, but it does seem like something that hopefully will be addressed in the future.  No one wants to be on the opposite side of those bad calls.  And since the game between the Lions and the Pack ended with a win for Green Bay only by one point this probably would have changed the outcome of the game.

Of course this has been all over social media with almost every Packer fan saying that we are all whining because that's what we all do when we lose.

But this time... pretty much the whole country that cares anything about football will agree... the refs did seem to be in the Packers pocket last Monday night.


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