I know you are probably thinking "yeah, right".  But seriously.  If you are trying to get more likes, winks, clicks or whatever it is on your online dating profile, Classic Rock is your ticket.

Christopher Brignell/Thinkstock

The free dating site Plenty of Fish claims that if you are a female, and you put down that your musical preference is classic rock, you will get a significant bump in people who like, view or whatever it is you do to get someone to notice you online.  Yes, obviously your profile pic is the most important thing, but maybe you should pick one that has you pictured at a meet and greet or something.  That is, if you have one.  Maybe take a selfie with the band behind you.  That might work, too.

Michael Loccisano, Getty Images

As far as men go, it helped to put down that you like country.  What??  No accounting for taste.

And if you have been a long listener of the Loon, you may remember the Dating Game.  Some people are still together who met during that little segment.  So, go for it.  Add Classic Rock to your musical preference and watch the magic happen!