It's the day before Halloween and we also have Lame Joke Friday so Johnny U, in true form, decides that it's a good idea to combine the two.  We asked him ahead of time if he had some great jokes for us this week and he replied that it is called "Lame Joke Friday" and that's what we should expect.  Well, point taken.

Johnny U Joke

Johnny comes into the studio loaded with 2 full sheets of paper.  At first we were like oh no... here comes another long, "shaggy dog story" joke.  But no, it actually turned out to be an entire page full of one liner, 4th grade, Dad jokes for Halloween. Or as what we have called "Halloween Groaners" and they definitely fit that bill.  He did have one more after the long list of groaners.  One that also turned out to be a sort of groaner, just a little longer.

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Here- you can check it out yourself.

He always seems to be so happy with himself after every session of our Lame Joke Friday.  Even if the jokes fit the name of the segment.  But he still keeps trying.  These actually weren't too bad.  So, enjoy, share them with your kids.  Because finally, there are jokes that you actually can share with your kids.  They are very tame.

Anyway, until next week... have fun... stay safe...and celebrate Halloween however you feel.

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