No, that's not mold growing at the bottom of that drink. It's tapioca pearls. Why? I don't know and those damn kids need to get the hell off my lawn, and take their not-mold pearls with them!

Bubble Tea is also known as boba tea. Boba? That sounds familiar...

Turkey leg? This is the way Photo by M8HEAD on Unsplash)
Drumstick? THIS is the way (Photo by M8HEAD on Unsplash)
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Too Much Bubble Tea is a Bad Thing

A woman in Taiwan loved Bubble Tea. LOVED IT. She loved it so freaking much that she outright replaced drinking water with gorging Bubble Tea. Who could (I guess) blame her? Bubble Tea is tea (shocker!) shaken (not stirred) with flavors, sweeteners, and milk; then the tapioca pearls get dropped in and sink to the bottom. BOOM: Millennial Crack!

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Did someone say "shaken" and not "stirred"? (Getty Images)

The woman went to the hospital after experiencing excruciating back pain. Middle-aged men know why: she had kidney stones.

She had three HUNDRED kidney stones.

300. Why does that sound familiar?

Are his kidneys stoned, too? Photo by Vladan Raznatovic on Unsplash)
Are his kidneys stoned, too? (Photo by Vladan Raznatovic on Unsplash)

When you don't drink enough water, your urine gets concentrated. Minerals get crystallized into stones, and then your body tries and fails to pee that out.

The real kick-in-the-kidneys? The Taiwanese woman is just 20 years old.

That's a lot of Bubble Tea. That is NOT the way.

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Think you could Force some stones out, Darth? (Getty Images)

Fortunately, my teen now drinks water.

H/T: News 18

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