I remember dry summers in Minnesota but none I can remember have been this dry or the water levels this low in the lakes.

We have a cabin up by Detroit lakes and the water level is pretty low. Last week, about a third to a quarter of our dock was actually in the water.  Our pontoon, so far, has just a couple of inches of leeway before it'll be stuck on the lift.

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Thanks not the only problem. Boat launch sites are iffy at this point for getting your boat out of the water.

A lot of boat owners are deciding to play it safe and pulling their boats out early this year. Last week, the DNR said that that is probably not a bad idea.  They are urging boat owners to consider pulling their watercraft out of lakes early before it becomes "challenging" to do so.

According to Newsbreak.com, DNR's Water Recreation consultant, Nancy Stewart says water levels issues differ lake to lake.

"It is interesting because many of the lakes are fine as there is a natural slope and good depth for launching, even with the drought conditions," she said. "However, many lakes have no concrete planks in the water and no depth for floating the boat on or off the trailer beyond the boat ramp, so they cannot launch and get to or from deeper water."

Although it's not possible on all lakes, the DNR have crews extending boat launch ramps but this is not possible on some of the shallower lakes.

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