As heard on the March 6th show:


1. Picking Up Chicks at Babies 'R Us

A man was arrested for indecent exposure after flashing women at a Babies 'R Us in Florida.  When cops asked him why he was doing it, he said it was because that's what women want and he was trying to pick up chicks.  At a Babies 'R Us... where most women are most likely... single?  Florida.





2. Men More Narcissistic Than Women

Researchers at the University of Buffalo compiled data from over 30 years of narcissism studies and found that men far surpass women in the art of loving themselves.  The largest gap between the two genders was in the entitlement category, suggesting that men have fewer qualms about exploiting others.  Researchers think society's expectations may have a big role in shaping why men and women differ so much in this aspect.





 3. Learn Some Canadian Terms 'Eh

We see if Jesse can guess the definition of a few selected Canadian slang words.  Don't get into a kerfuffle over it you keener, just take a swig of your mickey and listen for a skookum good time!





 4. Lottery Winner Sued by Store Owner Who Sold Her Ticket

The owner of a liquor store in California is suing one of his customers because he claims she promised him a portion of her lottery winnings.  Eva Reyes bought the $1 million winning ticket and did admit to signing a hand written note promising the owner $50,000 in prize money if she won.  The note now says the amount is $350,000 and Eva and her attorneys say it's obvious he had gone in after the fact to sneak a 3 in front of the 50,000.





 5. Anti-Fear Flight Struck by Lightening

A special flight in England that is designed to help people conquer their fear of flying was struck by lightening.  Luckily it landed safely and no injuries were reported, but we're guessing the flight was unsuccessful in it's goal to make people feel better about flying.  What are the chances?!






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