As heard on the February 17th show:


1. Man Attacked at Fifty Shades Movie Theater

A Fifty Shades of Grey showing in Scotland lead to violence (and not in a sexy way) when a group of women attacked a guy for telling them to quiet down.  The women had been drinking and when the man asked them to quiet down they threw a glass at him, which cut him.  The group of women had to be cuffed and removed from the theater.





2. 1-800 Flowers Screwed Up Valentines Day

For SOME, not all, but a series of photos have been circulating online showing images of what people had ordered online and what actually showed up.  Things like wilted and even dead flowers, badly melted chocolates, and bruised fruit.  Our favorite before and after comparison is the one below LOL.




3. Things People Decide About You Within a Minute of Meeting

It's human nature to try and figure someone out when you meet them.  We all make first time judgements about people and some of the conclusions people come to are made within the first minute.  Everything from how trustworthy you are to how willing you are to have sex.





 4.  U.S. Man Gored at Running of the Bulls

This is why we never want to participate in any kind of running with bulls.  A 20-year-old man from Georgia suffered a 16-inch goring in the thigh during a Spanish bull-running festival.  It's one of several wounds and medics who treated him said they were some of the worst injuries they've ever seen.






 5. Things a "Real Man" Should Know

Truly, these things would be good for most people to know.  Yes, even the shaving stuff.  Hey, women grow facial hair too.  In fact, the ladies shave more than men if we're talking overall surface area.  How many things on the list of 50 do you know how to do?  God, we're hoping you said yes to changing a light bulb, otherwise, I don't know if we can hang out anymore.





 6. How to Impress a Woman

Don't pick your nose.  That's all you need to know.  Also, a big no-no that was mentioned, women hate it when you talk about work on a date, so steer clear of office talk.  Overall, the most successful dates happened when women were talking about themselves and men used the word "you" a lot.  Another helpful tip, women liked when men interrupted with information that showed they were really listening to the conversation.





 7.  Update on the Kurt Busch Story

We've been following this Kurt Busch story with his ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll, because it's too kooky to look away.  He was accused of attacking Driscoll, but claims that she is a trained assassin.  Now a judge ordered Busch to stay 100 yards away from Driscoll, to abstain from buying firearms, and to undergo a mental health evaluation.  So is he crazy?  Or is this Driscoll's attempt to discredit him?






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