As heard on the February 19th show:


1. Body Builders Using Breast Milk to Gain Muscle

There's a new trend of bodybuilder's seeking out breast milk to help put on muscle and many flock to online forums to find it.  Proceed with caution.  Samples of breast milk were bought online and tested and most were found to have been contaminated with bacteria.  A few samples even had salmonellla.  One Dr. disputes the positive claims associated with consuming breast milk saying "there is nothing specific in breast milk that will cause adults to gain muscle mass."



2. Guy Caught Punching Himself in Face

A man who claimed to be assaulted by detectives was caught on camera punching himself in the face.  In fact, he punched himself in the face 45 times in 4 minutes.  Ouch!  How humiliating to be that desperate in the first place that you would punch your own face, but then to have to watch it back... face-palm.




 3. How to Be Happier in Six Months

There are plenty of pills that claim to make you happier over time, but here's a drug free option you may want to try.  University of Pennsylvania professor Martin Seligman says every night write down three good things that went well and a quick sentence as to why it  happened.  The practice makes you look for positive things happening through your day instead of the negative.  Seligman claims you will see increased happiness after six months.



4. Things People Are Giving up for Lent

A website called OpenBible tracked 100,000 tweets over the last week to find out what people are giving up for Lent this year and the number one answer was school.  Kind of sad, really, but this list was made based on what people are posting on Twitter, so I'm assuming this was a bunch of people trying to be funny.  Even more interesting, porn came in way down at 79th on the list.  Pervs lol.



 5. What Your Walk Says About You

A body language expert points to four walking styles... the driver, corrector, influencer and the supporter.  People's walking styles usually show a combination of two of the categories.  What is your walk saying about you?   Listen to find out!



6. Bacon Wrapped Pizza

Is a thing thanks to Little Ceasars.  Starting Monday they'll be rolling out a new deep dish pizza which wraps all the way around the crust with thick cut bacon.  It takes three-and-a-half feet of bacon to wrap the entire pizza.  Not sure if it's all locations of just a select few, but they're saying the pizza should be available through late April.




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