As heard on the February 18th show:


1. 50 Shades of Grey Teen Stampede

A mall movie theater in Florida is changing it's policy after a mob of teenagers burst into the cinema.  The incident happened after the teens were refused tickets to see 50 Shades of Grey due to it's R rating.  Two juveniles were arrested and now the mall requires all teens be accompanied by an adult after 9 p.m.






2. Krispy Kreme's KKK Promotion

A Krispy Kreme in England issued an apology after creating a promotion that was titled "KKK" as in the Krispy Kreme Klub.  People were pretty quick to point out the blunder on social media after seeing the billboard promoting the "KKK" promotion.  Krispy Kreme said, "This promotion was never intended to cause offence."





3. Shopping While Hungry Makes You Buy More

And not just food.  We all know when you grocery shop hungry, you end up with so many more items in your cart than you need.  New research says it's not just food.  When you shop while hungry it sparks the desire to consume and acquire items of all kinds, not just edible.





 4. What's The Best Punishment for Kid Caught Smoking?

In all fairness, the teen in question was not caught in the act, but his Dad wrote an email saying he did find cigarettes in his son's sock drawer.  Jason is asking for our advice (we're shocked too!) on how to punish his son to get the point across that smoking is bad and can kill you.






5. Is TBS Speeding Up Seinfeld Reruns?

Someone posted a comparison of the recordings they are running now with recordings of the show from about 10 years ago and it's pretty clear that the speeds are different.  The full time equates to about 2 minutes.





 6. How to Tie a Tie

Yesterday we ran across a list of 50 things that every "real man" should know how to do.  We're helping Lucy become a "real man" and the first task is to tie a tie.  Only one catch.  Jesse can only teach Lucy the skill using verbal commands.  And GO!





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