As heard on the February 2nd show:


1. Power Ranger Arrested for Samurai Murder

This is a bizarre story for anyone who grew up with the Power Rangers in the 90's.  The Red Power Ranger from Power Rangers Samurai has been put in jail with a $1 million bond for allegedly murdering his roommate with a Samurai sword.




2. Places Are Banning Selfies

Because they're annoying?  Mostly it's the selfie-sticks that are getting the boot, because they are seriously annoying.  It's also mostly happening overseas in places like South Korea, at London venues, in places of worship like Saudi Arabia's Mecca, etc.  Seriously though, the selfie-stick needs to die.





3. Sibling Traits Based on Birth Order

You know how they say sibling birth order can determine personality traits.  There might be something to it.  A new survey by YouGov asked oldest, middle, and youngest children from various families to identify while traits are true for them and their other siblings and found some pretty interesting things.  Young sibs think they're hilarious, the oldest feel they're more self confident & successful and middle children are the most family-oriented.  Does this hold true for your family?





 4. How Do You Feel About Vaccinations?

A new poll asked adults how they felt about mandatory vaccinations and 57% of people said they support requiring all children to get vaccinated against childhood diseases.  That's still a shockingly high number on the other side of things with 32% of people thinking it should be left up to the parent.  How to do you feel about this heated issue?







 5. Movie Gyms

Finally!  A reason to work out.  Would we exercise more if we could see a movie while we sweat?  Maybe.  It's still fitness at the end of the day and it sucks to do.  But would you go more often if more gyms started taking on this idea?  Gold's Gym already has theaters in a quarter of it's 421 locations and calls it "Cardio Cinema".





 6. Super Bowl Commercials

Were slightly lack luster this year.  In one article in USA Today, audience members voted on the Budweiser puppy ad as their favorite this year.  Which ad did you like best?  We weren't over the moon about any one ad this year, but here's a couple of our favorites.







 7.  Show & Tell

This week Jesse brought a "Chicken Ranch" menu in and it's got nothing to do with hot wings and blue cheese dip.  Lucy shared a poster from her teen heart-throb days.




 8.  The Super Bowl Bets

Here are the results of our 2015 Super Bowl bets.  Looks like Dave will be the one eating fish after all.  More details coming on when the punishment shall be dished out.


Lucy / Townsquare Media