As heard on the January 28th show:


1. Guy Busted Making Love to a Pony

Shetland pony's are cuter than cute.  They're like real horses, only smaller.  That being said, no matter how much they pull at your heart strings, you should never indulge in sexy time with one.  A man in England is having his day in court this week after being accused of making love to a Shetland back in August.  They even found horse DNA on him, but he insists he was just out walking.





2. How Much You Have to Earn to Be in the 1%

More than you're making right now.  We're just assuming that the 1% don't listen to this show lol.  If you are one of those lucky bastards that earns the $414,000 a year that you need to qualify, we... should have drinks some time.  You're buying.  Minnesota's wage gap between the 1 and 99% is pretty bad, but not the worst in the country.  That honor belongs to Connecticut.





3. New App Helps You Eliminate People in Your Life

Not like a hitman would.  This is more or less a way for you to stop hanging out with or stop catering to people in your life that cause you unneeded stress.  The app called People Keeper or pplkpr works with a bracelet.  You wear the bracelet and it measures your heartbeat for changes in rate.  The app then ranks people in your life according to how happy, anxious or angry they make you.  It can also automatically tweet and text people that you should be spending more time with.






4.  Do You Take Items From Restaurants?

Who hasn't?  Maybe it was one of those Bushman knives from Outback Steakhouse.  Or maybe you just really love to collect ramekins for your home collection.  The one thing we both found from delving into this conversation is that we both have stashes of those little sauce packets at home.  Heck, there's even a stash in the studio!  lol




5. GoDaddy Pulls Super Bowl Ad

Because no one can take a joke anymore.  Animal Rights activists were up in arms over this parody of those adorable Budweiser puppy ads saying it encouraged puppy mills, breeding and selling dogs online.  Can't we also argue that Budweiser's serious puppy ads promote cute puppies and drive people's need to have one?  Overall, this ad was meant to be a parody, a joke, humorous.  What do you think GoDaddy's ad?  Do you think they were right in pulling the ad or should they air it?






 6. Mystery Radio Signal Detected in Space

Cue creepy UFO alien type music.  Astronomers in Australia picked up a radio signal from space for the first time ever while it occurred, which is the only way to find it's source.  While they just missed it this time, they say theories of the causes of these signals range from black holes to alien communication.  Thus the reason we made tinfoil hats today.  No alien radio waves will get into these small brains.






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