There are these giant honeybees in the Himalayas that produce the world's most cherished honey. It's know as "mad honey". It's a reddish goop that has psychotropic properties that in a reasonable dose gives a very pleasant state of mind.

If you haven't hear of "Mad Honey" it's probably because it's very, very difficult to harvest. These giant honeybees can sting right through a beekeeper suit. If you manage not to get stung you still have to get the honey by dangling over those steep Himalayan cliffs by a bamboo rope and harvest the honey from the hives, on the side of the cliff, hundreds of feet above the ground.


The honey gets it's mind expanding properties from toxins in rhododendron flowers that the bees feed on in the Spring. Spring is the only time of the year that the honey is hallucinogenic. Two or three teaspoons seems to do the trick.

The Mad Honey harvesters have trickled down to just one or two and chances are it will be tough to get this honey in the future. The problem is that a pound of Mad Honey sells on the black market for only $60 to $80 making harvesting it hardly worth the risk.

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