An 84 year old former bay of Pigs pilot has been released from federal prison after serving the longest sentence ever for a federal non violent marijuana conviction.

Antonio Bascaro has been released from federal prison to his family after serving 39 years for smuggling marijuana from Columbia in the 70's.

Bascaro is a Cuban immigrant vet that was trained by the CIA to overthrow Castro's government. Somewhere along the line he ended up in a smuggling operation that was eventually busted. Bascaro's 2 partners both testified against him to get lighter sentences.


Bascaro refused to testify against anybody and was sentenced to 60 years in federal prison. After 39 years, Bascaro was released for good behavior. His official release date is June 8th but is staying with his daughter under house arrest until then. He said his first walk without chains took a little getting used to.

His daughter worries now that he may be deported back to Cuba where he would be a political prisoner. Let's hope they let Antonia stay. He's paid dearly for his "crime" and should be allowed to live out his life a free man.

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