A man is wanted for stealing 24 bottles of Hennessy along with a security system from Costco in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.  I'm trying to figure out how he did this.  They have him on a security cam.  But how do you steal that much?  They check you when you walk out of the store and look over your receipt.  I'm thinking it's pretty easy to see what you have when the only thing in your cart is the booze!

Menomonee Falls Police Department

The funny, and I mean funny weird, thing about this is that he steals a home security system too.  I guess he's concerned about people stealing from him... because the people he associates with are probably just like him.

And on that... why would he think he could get away with this?  Evidently there is footage of him getting into his vehicle with Minnesota license plates.  The full story is here... and if you have any info on this dude, there is also a link for you to call.

Menomonee Falls Police Department

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