A third person has died from injuries sustained in a pipe wrench attack on July 8th in Maple Grove.  Prosecutors say the attack was carried out by a mentally ill family member.

Hennepin County Sheriff's Dept
Hennepin County Sheriff's Dept

David Ekers, 34 is charged with using a pipe wrench to attack his mother, Linda Ekers, his sister, Eleanor Ekers and his grandmother Darlene Broste.

Ekers mother died this week, making her the third victim to die from the July 8th attack.  86 year old grandmother, Darlene Brost died the day after the pipe wrench attack and Eker's sister died 2 weeks after the attack.

David Eckers, 34 years old, was said to have killed the three family members because he thought they were going to send him back to the psychiatric hospital and put him back on medication for his schizophrenia.

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The day before, according to his father, Eckers suffered a "catatonic episode" that concerned family members. Because of this episode, Ecker's mother thought he should return to the hospital to resume his medication.

I can't even begin to imagine the horror these three family members went through. To be beaten with a pipe wrench, and so severely that you died from your injuries.

Mental illness is a terrible thing for any family to deal with. You tend not to want your kid, sister, brother, etc locked up in a hospital but when the mental illness is this severe, it's just the best place to be.

David Ekers is being held on a 1.5 million dollar bail. He's due back in court on August 4th.



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