I thought since I was sitting in another place, I would think that John's jokes would be better.  No... not so much.  I don't know why I would think that, I mean, really.  But it was worth a shot.

Again, two jokes.  One, of course, has to be a golf joke because John is a golfer and it's golfing season, so he feels like it HAS to be this way.  I'm not sure that it does.  Does anyone care about golf?  Well, actually I do know that a lot of you do, but does it mean that we have to have a golf joke every. Single. Time?

Whateves... here are his two jokes...

Johnny U, Johnny U, Johnny U...what are you thinking?  Good thing you have a great full time "normal" job.  Because this comedy thing is not your bag.  And I really do think I'm being nice.

Have a great weekend!!

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