If you could have your McDonald's fix delivered right to your door, would you do it? Nearly 20 McDonald's in the Twin Cities are doing it and St. Cloud could be next.

You may remember Uber coming to St. Cloud recently, which we knew was only a matter of time since it was running in the Twin Cities. That same company has launched a service to give drivers the opportunity to deliver food from area restaurants, called UberEATS.

According to McDonald's, in a recent press release:

Customers can place McDonald’s orders on the UberEATS mobile app or on UberEATS.com, using the same account they use to take Uber rides and track their order, as an UberEATS delivery partner brings their meal directly to them.

Be prepared to pay a little bit for delivery, they have to pay their drivers somehow. It's unknown what the delivery charge will be if it comes to St. Cloud, but could be as much as a meal in itself. It just means you might want to order for a few people to make the fee worth it.

You may have noticed McDonald's trying to use technology in every way it can. They are starting to add self-order kiosks and table service to their locations, and plans to roll out mobile order and pay across its 14,000 U.S. restaurants later this year.

If you'd like to see how the ordering process will work with UberEATS, click here and enter Minneapolis, MN. They have a few different restaurant delivery options available.

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