One in 300 million odds of winning? Boy, get me in on that. Of course, your odds go up a whole lot if you buy a ticket.  I like to think of it as renting hope. Just buy a ticket and dream of winning for a couple of days. Totally worth 2 dollars, right?

California Joins Mega Millions Lottery
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About 25 years ago, living in Florida, they had just started up the Florida Lottery. There was no power ball number involved, just match 6 numbers and you win the big jackpot.

I had never played a lottery before, not counting the draft board lottery, so I thought "What the hell" I'll give it a shot. Believe it or not, the very first time I played the lottery, I match 5 out of 6 numbers and won $7,930. The 6th number was 29 and had it been 31 I would have won 8 million.

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Anyway, I was overjoyed!  An easy almost 8 grand was mine. I was actually dumb enough to think, great, this lottery thing will come in handy. Maybe pick up a few thousand here and there but not the case.  I haven't won more than 2 bucks since.

So, rather you play or not, it's fun to think about what you'd do with all that money. The only bad thing about winning in Minnesota is you pretty much have to be identified. But if you have that kind of money you'd probably come up with a way to remain anonymous.

I've already told my extended family that if I win, everyone gets a new set of tires and then I'm changing my phone number.

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