A question that is most interesting to ponder, if the electric guitar had never been invented, would there even be classic rock?

There have been many memorable songs with bass lead, i.e. Pink Floyd's, "Money", drum leads, i.e. Van Halen's, "Hot For Teacher" and Grand Funk Railroad's, "We're An American Band". Some songs combined drums and bass,i.e. Golden Earring's, "Radar Love."

Keyboard leads have made their way at the beginning as well, i.e. The Doors, "Light My Fire" or Iron Butterfly's, "In A Gadda Da Vida". Can't forget the acoustic guitar leads into songs, i.e., The Beatles,"Blackbird" or Yes with "Roundabout" even Emerson,Lake and Palmer with "From The Beginning."

The bottom line is that the electric guitar has pretty much defined classic rock. When you think about some of the most memorable licks, riffs or power chords weren't always long or complicated. Some might have two or three chords simply repeated but the skilled players (no matter how short or simple the hook) found that if they used them often it made the song memorable.

In this article we'll follow the bands below:

We will feature the lead guitar players for the songs highlighted in this article with a photo and video attached.

Use the tabs below each video to move to the next artist or simply click on each band for a direct link.


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