"TNT" is an international band comprised of California native Tony Harnell and some amazing Norwegian musicians.Harnell's vocal range is over 4 octaves, and their early material was some of the most over-the-top Melodic music ever produced.  Ronnie Le Tekro's guitar-work was equally impressive with blistering solos and razor-sharp riffs.

If you put TNT on the radio nowadays people would literally be in shock, the high end and layers of vocals are beyond comprehension for today's rock crowd.  Back in the 80's they were one of those bands that the musicians were paying attention to because of their musical precision and outrageous sound.

Their first release was clearly "Metal" but then it was 1987 and most of the Metal bands were moving towards a more female-friendly sound. "Tell No Tales" was their crowning achievement as it combined their past and the future of the band in one release.  "Intuition" was even more AOR and radio friendly, but still a strong release.

Then the 1990's hit and like most bands from their era, they saw Alternative and Grunge taking over.  The band went through lineup changes but continued to put out music.  Harnell has not been with the band since around 2006 and journeyman Tony Mills has taken over.

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