"Sinner" is a German band that has been around since the 80's by Mat Sinner, who has kept the project going for around three decades now.  I call it a "project" because Mat is the only consistency in the band over the years.Sinner was on the verge of breaking it bigger back in the 80's, but some disagreements with record labels hampered their growth.  Mat Sinner kept trudging forward however and was one of the people responsible for the resurgeance of Metal back in the 90's.  He never gave up and consistently put out "Sinner" releases every few years to keep his fan base growing.

Then in the late 90's he put together the super-group "Primal Fear" that featured former Gamma Ray vocalist Ralf Scheepers.  They had a more "Judas Priest" approach and quickly rose as one of the worlds biggest Power Metal bands.

Here's a track from Sinner's 2007 release "Mask Of Sanity".

A classic from Primal Fear, "Metal Is Forever"