Blind Guardian is often credited as one of Power and Speed Metal's founding fathers.  They were singing about fantasy subjects found in J.R. Tolkien books way before it was cool again in the 2000's.

Hansi Kürsch (vocals, bass) and Andre Olbrich (guitar) are the founders and original members who at first were known as "Lucifer's Heritage" before changing the name to distance themselves from the Satanic Metal movement.

Why haven't we heard of them in the United States?  Well, their first label release was in 1991 when Metal was being ignored here.  In fact they help carry the torch through the dark days of Metal with releases like "Somewhere Far Beyond" and "Imagination From The Other Side".  In 1998 "Nightfall In Middle Earth" really shot them up the ladder and they were gaining a lot of ground in America too thanks to the internet.

In more recent times they have taken on different subject matters and even more orchestral projects.  They have no lost their edge however, here's "A Voice From The Dark" from 2010's At The Edge Of Time Release.