Kamelot has become one of the biggest names in Progressive and Power Metal over the years due to the relentless dedication of American guitarist Thomas Youngblood.While members have come and gone, Youngblood kept the band together and they grew from and up and coming band in the 90's to a headliner around the world.  He did have a great supporting cast like Norwegian vocalist Roy Kahn (who recently stepped aside) and a cast of top-notch musicians.  But Youngblood kept the band going and growing with some of the most beautiful and amazing Metal ever written.

They come from the Queensryche and Dream Theater style, but they have given it their own twist and have really set themselves apart from those comparisons.  They are epic, gothic, mysterious and powerful, and fans around the world love what they're doing.

From their 2012 release "Silverthorn" here's "Sacrimony (Angel Of Afterlife)"