Well, this is absolutely too early.  But, with what happened in Montana earlier, it's not really all that surprising.  AND, it was worst last year.  We kind of went from Summer to Fall in one shot.  It was freezing cold last year in September.

 That's just one computer model. Other models keep it just warm enough to maintain all rain, but like the headline says, this could be the first burst of snow in Minnesota this fall. 

However... it's not probably going to be here in Central Minnesota, it's going to be more on the Northern third of the state, if any snow falls at all.  It's just a "chance".  I'll be honest... not ready for this at all.  I'd be fine if snow decided to show up for the first time right around the holidays.  Then it went away again by February something.  That's just me.  I used to love snow when I was a kid, but now having to drive in that crap takes all the fun out of it.  Not a fan of driving around with the possibility of sliding into something or someone you had not intention of sliding into... know what I mean?

But... until this happens... happy Fall!