We've all heard about the "no crossing from Minnesota over state lines with a duck on your head".  Apparently there is no law anywhere that states that, so go ahead and walk anywhere you'd like with a duck on your head.

Giant Yellow Rubber Duck Exhibited In Seoul
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There is also a law that states that it's illegal for anyone to tease a skunk.  Well, why would you?  You are definitely going to come out on the short end of that one.


Red cars cannot drive down Lake Street.  That one is actually kind of true.  But it refers to "cruising".  You can't be in a red car driving back and forth on Lake Street in Minneapolis all day.  But the question is- why only red cars?  If you are in a black one you're good to go?

No hamburgers may be eaten on Sundays in St. Cloud.  Yep- that is on the books.  Obviously it's not enforced.  I think there are many of us in violation of that one... myself included.

There are so many others, and some of them are really kind of funny, true or not. But this will tell you if they are... check it out. 

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