This is an update on a story I did almost a month ago. The man responsible for killing his neighbor's one year old Great Pyrenees, Reba, with an arrow. Thirty-three year old Benjamin Lee Schroeder has been charged in the dog's death.

According to 5 Eyewitness News, Schroeder said he shot the dog with an arrow because the dog was scaring away deer he was hunting. He later apologized for killing of Reba and offered to pay for a "new dog".

When I first read this, I thought "pay for a new dog?" It's not like he ran over someone's bicycle. This was a beloved pet. You just can't replace one's beloved pet.

Schroeder, of Carver County, has been charged with one count of mistreatment of animals. Mr. Schroeder better hope he doesn't get a judge that's a dog lover. The charge can result in a penalty of up to 2 years in prison along with a $5000 fine.

Schroeder makes his 1st court appearance today (11/12).

Original story;

I've always been a dog person. When I hear of someone whose dog has passed away, I am immediately saddened by the news. Even if the dog had to be put down due to poor health, etc. I can't help feel for the family.

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Losing a pet to illness or just old age is upsetting enough, but having your dog, your family pet killed for no reason just makes me angry. One account I heard was a hunter was irritated that the dog might be scaring away deer he was hunting.

According to WCCO, Reba, a Great Pyrenees mix was a family pet of the Dan Swanson family, of Carver County, was killed by an arrow through the neck.

Reba was in charge of keeping predators away from the family's chickens and had chased a potential predator into the woods. The family said that Reba would usually return to the farm soon after scaring off the intruder.

This time, however, Reba didn't come back. Reba was fitted with a GPS tracker but that had evidently gone dead. A neighbor came by and gave the family the bad news that he had seen the dog shot and killed with an arrow. Naturally,  Dan Swanson was more than devastated, he was angry.

“Any pet you’ve had around, you get attached to it, and see something like that happen to it, you feel, you know, you just get mad,” Dan said.

Those of us who have dogs, mostly consider them a part of the family. It was no different with Dan Swanson and daughter Bria.

“The days where dogs are just around is gone. You know, they are right in line with women and children,” Bria said. “I think that’s why people got so upset is because they are our family members. They’re our babies.”

Minnesota DNR is investigating Reba's killing and offered up no more details at this time. I think we'd all like to see some justice in this senseless killing for the Swanson family and Reba.  R.I.P. Reba

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