When people look for a new home for themselves and their family you may be looking for certain amenities.  A large kitchen, open concept, large bedrooms, several bathrooms, big closets, a yard, maybe a pool is on your list.  Whatever it is, I don't think I've heard of people wanting a CAVE.  But, maybe this is one that you will want after you see some of the pictures.

This home, that does have a cave, is listed for $550,000 and is located in Rochester, Minnesota.  It has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and is about 3,000 square feet.  It's not HUGE, by any means, but it's a fairly decent sized home.

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If you are familiar with some of the history of the residents in Rochester and some of the historic homes and buildings there, youi probably have heard of the Plummer House. This house that is for sale was the Pumphouse for the Plummer House.  It's for sale for the first time in 34 years according to the listing from EDINA Realty. 

One of the most enticing features are the attached caves, the opportunities are endless for this additional 3600 square feet of space.

So, the main house is around 3000 square feet, then add in the extra 3600 square feet of caves.  Could be fun, could be creepy.  You be the judge.  If I was a kid, there seems to be endless "adventures" that you could have in the cave system.

Edina Realty

Here you can see the view of the entrance to the cave system.

Edina Realty

You have a patio door that would normally go out to a.... yard?  Nope, in this house it leads to some caves with questionable flooring.  There is a lot of potential, but would also require a lot of work.  But it could be super cool if you have the money, time and some sort of a vision of what it could be,.

Edina Realty

You can view some more pictures of the house and cave system on the listing. 

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