If you are looking to possibly change professions in the near future, it might help your search if you were privy to what occupations pay well here in Minnesota.

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An analysis by Stacker, a data driven journalism hub, studied 50 different occupations and found which states paid the most in each job.  Minnesota did pretty well, especially in these four professions.

Ever thought of becoming an air traffic controller?  Personally, I tend to avoid stressful jobs like this one. Believe me, you do not want me guiding your plane in, trust me.

According to Stacker.com, Minnesota took the number 5 spot in states that paid the most for air traffic controllers. The job does pay fairly well. The average annual wage for an air traffic controller in Minnesota is $132,080 and employs 580 here in Minnesota. Only Illinois, Georgia, Texas and California pay more.

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Flaggers and crossing guards aren't going to get rich but those that do this job in Minnesota make more than any other state except Alaska, Washington, California and New York with an average annual pay of $38,170

Minnesota holds the number 3 spot for photographers.  With an average annual salary of $60,410. Only photographers in New York and Washington, DC make more.

Minnesota employs roughly 1900 sewing machine operators and the average annual salary is $33,290 which makes Minnesota the 5th best paying state in the country for this job.  Sewing machine operators in Alaska, Washington DC, Connecticut and Washington state make more.

I'm sure if they adjusted for taxes it may be a whole different story.  Minnesota loves taxes.

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