Seems for every good thing about social media, there's also a bad thing. This case is especially disturbing and just reinforces that we all should monitor our kids social media to keep things like this from happening.  If monitoring seems too intrusive, then what?


21 year old Dylan Deling aka Dylan Nash and Jason Jeens from Fairmont got a pretty hefty sentence, although many will argue not long enough. Last year Deling pleaded guilty to federal charges including production of child pornography and extortion. Earlier today, he was given a sentence of 35 years in prison.

“This defendant’s victimization went beyond sexual exploitation; his ultimate goal was to instill fear and humiliation. This type of depraved criminal behavior will not be tolerated,” said U.S. Attorney Erica MacDonald. It is my hope that today’s sentence represents justice and closure for the victims and their families.”

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Deling victimized over 40 juvenile girls ranging in age from 11 to 17 years old. Deling would convince his victims to provide him with sexually explicit images of themselves, according to Deling's guilty plea and court files.

Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Kik and Skype were all used to communicate with the girls. Between October 2017 and August 2018 Deling would use expressions of affection, threats of violence to the girls or their loved ones, according to news release from the US Attorney for Minnesota.

Hopefully, they keep this scumbag locked up for as long as possible. If I remember correctly, there is no early parole for federal stuff. At any rate, those who commit crimes against children don't do well in prison.


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