I've always heard that Mexican drug cartels purposely avoided acts of violence in Mexico's resort areas. Mostly to keep the heat by authorities off them. Tourism is pretty much Mexico's biggest contributor to their economy.  Drug murders in resort areas are definitely bad for business, as far as tourism goes.

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Minnesota man, Ethan Forney was doing what many from Minnesota do this time of year, kicking back at a resort in Cancun. According to WCCO, as Forney was just sitting down to enjoy a little lunch at Cancun’s Hyatt Ziva Riviera hotel, people came running by saying "run".

It seems that a drug gang didn't take kindly to another drug gang selling drugs in the area. From what I've read it was more of an hit than a drug war. Two members of the gang were gunned down and died. According to Mexican authorities, the two men were executed by gunmen wearing ski masks.

Another person, who was either a guest or an employee of the resort, was wounded. They were treated and released from the hospital later in the day. Two gunmen were arrested for the murders.

Forney said as he was headed to a storage room with other hotel guests and employees, he saw a man with an assault rifle. Forney spent around an hour in the storage room and said  “More than anything it kind of felt like a school shooting almost, what you see and hear about on TV,”

Forney returned to Minneapolis, safe and sound Saturday with a story to tell.

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