I just can't imagine what would make a mother just abandon her daughter on the roadside.  Six years old is old enough to feel and always remember being abandoned by the person who is supposed to love them the most and always take care of them.


This past Thursday night, Cook County Sheriff's deputies responded to Highway 61 near Grand Portage, Minnesota about an abandoned 6 year old girl. Reports are she wasn't properly clothed for cold weather and was not wearing shoes or socks.

Luckily for this little girl, two men spotted the girl and took care of her until authorities arrived. The child is now in the care of Cook County Health and Public Services.

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Cook County Sheriff's Dept praised the men's actions "The quick and decisive actions of the two men led to a positive outcome for this child, Thanks to Daniel Deschampe and Delwyn Wilson, and to all who stepped in to assist this child in a time of great need."

The 6 year old's mother was later found by officials and arrested. She is currently locked up in Cook County Jail awaiting charges.

Believe it or not, drugs are not believed to be a factor in this horrendous act of child neglect. Hopefully, this little girl will be placed in a home and properly taken care of.



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