Hey- I get it, living in Minnesota can be a very happy experience.  We have four seasons, we have crazy hot temperatures and humidity, we have crazy cold temperatures with snow and blowing snow.  Sometimes it seems that we need to have a snowcat just to get around in the Winter.  We also have Fall- or autumn, whatever you want to call it, where the leaves change color and it is one of the most beautiful sights you will experience.  Spring- new life and full of color too.

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So, what's not to like?  Well, the extreme temperatures on either side, the ungodly humidity that comes from all of our lakes and, now I found out, corn.  And we also have that wonderful animal that seems to be able to carry you away- the mosquito.  Oh, and biting flies and gnats too.  Fun!


BUT- with that being said... we do not have things like hurricanes, wild fires, and.... well, that's what I've got.  No hurricanes!  And yes, we can get the occasional tornado, but it's not tornado alley.  I have found myself wanting to move somewhere warmer from time to time, but then I find something wrong with every place.

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Maybe the snowbirds have a good idea.  But I really don't want 2 houses.  I'm a worrier and I will be concerned about the house here in the winter and the house there in the summer.  Hey- Minnesota!  It's one of the top ten happiest states!  I guess I'm staying.  Someone want to show me how to snowmobile safely??