When this lockdown happened originally around March of last  year, a lot of people thought it would bring on a baby boom.  And as it turns out, that may not have happened.  At least not yet.

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

I personally know of at least 3 people who are expecting in a few months.  And they have taken to social media to post pictures of onesies that say "the quarantine wasn't always boring... expecting in ___________ of 2021".  Or at least something of that nature.

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But, that is not the norm.  It seems from some studies that have been done recently that the expected "baby boom" is not happening.  And there seems to be a reason for that, other than the obvious.  It seems that human crisis behavior does the exact opposite.  People will tend to not want to bring anyone else into this world, an uncertain and strange world.  We don't know what is going to eventually happen with this virus, we hope things will go back to normal, but we don't really know if it will, or at least when it will.  We all have our fingers crossed for this year, but really, who knows?

There is also the fact that sometimes you were not quarantined with your significant other.  People originally thought it would just be a few weeks, maybe a couple of months.  And here we are approaching a full year, and it will probably go along with that.  Generally people don't like the feeling and lack of control. That could also be keeping people from procreating.

But, if you are an expectant mother, there is definitely a story to go along with conception and the year of the birth of your "quarantine" child. So, you have that going for you.

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