This is super cool.  You have kids, and they are bored and Minnesota sports fans.  Here is a way to keep them occupied.  And quite honestly, you can do this too... no judgement here.  It's kind of fun.


There are so many choices to download.  Maybe a shoe, a baseball on fire, a player, you name it.  Most are focused on Twins, but there are some Wild pages to choose from and also a few Vikings pages to choose from too.

We are all hoping that we are now "flattening the curve" a phrase we have all heard a bizzillion times by now, but really, hopefully this ends soon, and the Twins season will go on and play at least most of their games.  The baseball season has so many games, but we all love baseball, as it is America's favorite pastime.  And the weather is finally getting nice... we all want to enjoy some things together.  Right?

So, until that time comes, hopefully sooner than later, let's color some sports pages together....separately.


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