With all the hoopla about the mystery balloons that were shot down over Canada, Alaska and just of the coast of South Carolina, there has been some speculation of UFO's and alien visits.

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I think we all know someone that has claimed to have seen an unexplained object in the sky. Maybe you've seen one yourself. According to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), Minnesota has had it fair share of UFO sightings recently.

In January, Minnesota ranked 21st in the U.S. for sightings with 7 and that was just in January of this year. Other states reporting the same amount of sightings were Illinois, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Maryland and Oklahoma. California was way up on top of the list for January of this year with 62 sightings.

Recently, in an article from Robert Marsh on Newsbreak, a witness, last March, from Norwood Young America, Minnesota reported seeing a strange triangle-shaped object out of his kitchen window. “It was low in the sky; probably only a couple hundred feet up,” the reporting witness stated. “It appeared to be triangle-shaped but the points were blunt or rounded and it was bright orange like molten lava orange, and almost seemed to change shape a little or something."

The witness then moved to the back deck of his house for a better view. “Very odd maneuvering and not something one of our planes could do. All of a sudden the thing turned from orange to yellowish and white light. And a second or two later, it was gone.”

The witness said the triangle-shaped object didn't just jet off, it just instantly vanished. “Then, 30 seconds later, another object identical to the first craft flies nearly the same path and does the same disappearing act.”

I think we all wonder if there are really extraterrestrials visiting us. My question is, if so, does the government know and just won't tell us or is it all just chalked up to some other explanation? Military experimental aircraft?  Perhaps someday we'll know the answer.

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