You say Thanksgiving, and most people you talk to will immediately think turkey.  But what about all of the sides that normally go with the turkey...which is generally the main dish.

But there are some exceptions.  What if you are a vegan or a vegetarian? What if you simply just don't like turkey? (I'm actually one of those people...until I started "doctoring" it up).  And also, what are some of the  sides that go with Thanksgiving?

The sides do depend on where you live in this country of ours.  If you are looking to the western part of the U.S. you will find that the most popular non-traditional food for Thanksgiving is a tamale.  That is followed by glazed carrots, soup (huh?) beef and tofu.  Well, think about where we are talking...

The Midwest isn't that unusual.  Maybe I only think that because here we are in the Midwest.  The most  popular non-traditional side dish is... DEVILED EGGS!  That has got to be one of my FAVORITES! (Said in my best "Elf" voice).  Deviled eggs are followed by  chicken, mashed potatoes and Jell-O.  Jell-O??  Really?  Blech!  I think of the Jell-O mold as kind of a joke that people talk about that really doesn't happen.  Like thinking about the movie 'Christmas Vacation'  with the cat food in the Jell-O.  Gross.

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Moving onto the South, and you will find the most popular Non-traditional food is turnips. What the heck???  WHO eats turnips?  Are they good?  Maybe I shouldn't knock it til I try it, but it doesn't sound at all appetizing.

And finally,  the NE.  What do they find as their most popular Non-traditional Thanksgiving food?  It's fruit salad.  Sorry, but to me that ranks right up there with the Jell-O mold.  Also, beans and rice. NOPE! How about just rice, broccoli, soup (what's up with the soup?) and mixed vegetables.  Oh, and don't forget a salad.  Hmmm with all of that other heavy food let's throw a  salad on there too just for that "healthy" vibe.  Good job!

Anyway, whatever you are having for Thanksgiving,  have a great day.  And if you are making deviled eggs, you are my people!  What's your go to for filling?  I like to add a little Durkee's Dressing.  Really adds a tasty "zip".  Try it!

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