We all have probably experienced being blocked up. Constipation can happen to anyone. But this guy had a build up of record proportions. I can't imagine how uncomfortable it must have been. Being constipated for a couple of days, or even one day can be very uncomfortable.  But, imagine being blocked up for 22 years. Yeah, that's right, 22 years.


Doctor's say this guy had a disease called Hirschsprung's Disease. This is an ailment that reeks havoc with the large intestine, or colon and makes it difficult to have a "movement", so to speak.

This disease made it hard for the guy to completely empty his colon and it began to build up. It, believe it or not, built up to 30 pounds of poop.

I can only imagine how great this guy felt after his surgery.  Thirty pounds lighter and not longer "full of it"

(source; Gwendolyn Plummer/Little Things)

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