There are not many things that will suck up more of your time than doing anything at the DVS.  Although, it's not nearly as bad as other states I've lived in. California is terrible.  Florida, I spent the better part of the day there and Texas was another marathon of standing in line.

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If you or a family member, friend, etc. are about to take the "permit knowledge test" starting this Thursday (10/8) you will be able to take the permit knowledge test online. Yes, that's right, take the test online and avoid the waiting at the DVS.

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The test taker will need a parent, guardian or adult 21 or older proctoring the test. You can also take the test at authorized third party testing locations.

If you're interested in taking the permit knowledge test online, go to and select Take a Class D Knowledge Test.  Hours available for online testing are 6 AM to 11 PM Monday through Saturday. Log in and you will have 30 minutes to finish the test before it logs you out. The tests a Pass/Fail and you will only be allowed one testing session per day.

The limit on taking the test online is 2 times.  After that you will have to schedule an appointment at one of the open exam stations.


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